Rotary District 7120

District Governor


 Nominating Procedure


The deadline to apply for District Governor 2026-27 is October 15, 2023. For questions about the nominating process, please contact DGN Jim Crane at or at 585-953-0897.

A candidate should NOT contact any member of the Nominating Committee, as this would be construed as electioneering, which is forbidden. If any prospective candidate has any questions, contact District Governor Nominee Dave DeMers at 585-764-6648 or by email.
Important information for the candidate:
Per District 7120 "Policies and Procedures" , pages 3-4, and RI "Manual of Procedure", pages 35-37, a nominee for District Governor must meet the following minimum qualifications:
  • Must have served a full term as a club president and been a Rotarian for 7 years;
  • Must be physically fit and able to withstand at least two rigorous years;
  • Must be willing to devote the required time and be able to perform as hereinafter set forth;
  • Should have at least one year working at the district level in a leadership position;
  • Should have a good working knowledge of Rotary;
  • Must not be a member of the sitting Nominating Committee;
  • Must have the support of his/her club.
The candidate must complete an application for consideration as District Governor.
  • The application must be signed by the candidate and the secretary of the Rotarian's club.
  • The application must be returned to the chair of the district Nominating Committee by the date on the application.
After receipt of a complete application, the chair of the district Nominating Committee will contact the candidate to schedule a personal interview.
  • You will be contacted for an interview time.
  • The spouse or partner of the candidate is highly encouraged to attend the interview.
District 7120 Nominating Committee 2023-2024
Colleen Farley (Chair)
Ralph Brandt IPDG
Bill Gormont PDG
Tom Rogers PDG
Scott McDonnell PDG
Dick DuBois
Anne Bastine
Meg Huff
Vern Hecker
Lisa Norwood
                        Ex Officio:  Julie Carney DG and Dave DeMers DGE
Observer: Jim Crane DGN
Revised October 18, 2022