JULY 2024
  A new Rotary year begins, yet,  let us not forget what Julie Carney brought to our district in sharing Gordon McInally’s hopes and ideas. Julie poured her heart out in a personal message from her own family’s experiences in regards to mental health. Continuity is essence in leadership and I will continue making sure we continue to focus on mental health this year.
   This year’s theme of the Magic of Rotary inspires us to continue doing great feats of service that have a lasting impact on millions of people. As the year progresses, you will hear the phrase Simply Irresistible and that is what I want each club in this district to become.
   When Ralph Brandt was District Governor, a term he always said is so important today, “Adapt to Attract.” It is important to remember the past but not be stuck in it.
Each year Rotary International sets out themes for each month. This Rotary year (2024-25) year the themes are:
July 2024 is Maternal and Child Health Month
August 2024 is Membership and New Club Development Month
September 2024 is Basic Education and Literacy Month
October 2024 is Community Economic and Development Month
November 2024 is Rotary Foundation Month
December 2024 is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
January 2025 is Vocational Service Month
February 2025 is Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month
March 2025 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month
April 2025 is Environmental Month
May 2025 is Youth Service Month
June 2025 is Rotary Fellowships Month.
   One of my goals for the coming year is to work with the Assistant Governors and all clubs to provide tools that will improve membership, club culture and creation of new clubs. Think about how much more “magic” a club can perform in their community by having more hands to help in the heavy lifting of projects that show the world that we are people of action.
   I will finish this month’s DG corner by some words from Rotary International President Stephanie Urchick.
   “The truth is, we’re not going to bring peace to the world, end polio, or grow membership by waving a wand and saying some funny words. It’s up to you. You create the magic with every project completed, every dollar donated, and every new member inducted. I love my Rotary family and I know you do too. That’s why I know that together, we can make every club and district simply irresistible. This year, let us change the world by embracing The Magic of Rotary”
  Thank you, Julie Carney, for a great year in leading our district and for providing inspiration to all!
Stay safe and be kind to everyone!
DG Dave DeMers
Rotary District 7120
District Governor 2024-2025