Dear Fellow Rotarians,

As February unfolds, so does the much-anticipated “education season” in the world of Rotary. Over the next 12 weeks, Rotarians in 7120 will have a multitude of opportunities to enhance their Rotary IQ, fostering personal growth and fellowship and connect with like-minded individuals.

During the month of February there are 4 opportunities to attend Pre-PETS learning on Zoom.   During the weekend of March 15-17 we will converge in Syracuse  for the President Elects Training that will be filled with amazing speakers and learning.    On April 13th we will be connecting  in Canandaigua for our District Training Assembly.   We will then be  in Saratoga April 26-28 to celebrate each Rotarian who makes our District so unique.    The Learning Center is also a wonderful place to take courses on your own time to learn and grow in Rotary.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Rotarian or a newcomer, take the leap into education season. Embrace the opportunities, attend the programs that resonate with you and let these sessions be filled with learning, camaraderie, sharing ideas and the joy of making a difference together!

DG Julie M. Carney

Rotary District 7120

District Governor 2023-2024