Imagine Rotary” is the 2022-23 presidential theme for RI President-elect Jennifer Jones.
She is asking Rotary members to dream big and take action: “We all have dreams but acting on them is a choice”.
RI President-elect Jennifer Jones imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become reality and they make the most of their club experiences. She urges members to engage more with each other and use these connections to build partnerships that change the world.
We are here to serve and change lives, but always remember that our minds can also be a powerful asset in order for us to fulfill what Rotary stands for. 
To better engage members, Rotary needs to Adapt to Attract.
Engaging members is crucial to retaining members, we need to ask members what they want to get from Rotary and give them meaningful responsibilities.
“It is our offer of hands-on service, personal growth, leadership development, and lifelong friendships that creates purpose and passion,” Jones said.
Imagine, a world that deserves our best where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.
I look forward to my Governor year and helping everyone to Imagine Rotary.