A message from District Governor Dave Hannan.
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District Governor Dave Hannan and Pam HannanRotary Connects the World!
Rotary International President 2019-2020 Mark Daniel Maloney, from Decatur, AL, USA, introduced his theme for this Rotary year, “Rotary Connects the World,” in January while I was at the Rotary International Assembly for District Governors-Elect. 
Reflecting on that theme, I have asked myself, “What does that mean to the ‘rank and file’ Rotarian?”
Obviously, Rotary international leaders are traveling the globe and connecting, and club members who are active in The Rotary Foundation Global Grants process are connecting, but what about the rest of us?
I suggest that Rotary, connecting with the world, begins with each Rotarian connecting with her, or his, community.  That means more than just attending club meetings.  Engage non-Rotarians in conversation about Rotary, whether at fund-raisers or service events, or while active in your neighborhood proudly wearing the Rotary logo on your clothing. 
Show yourself on social media wearing Rotary garb and actively serving your village. Familiarizing others with Rotary helps connect you with the world and drives membership.  Present Rotary to your neighbors as an irresistible organization.  I challenge every Rotarian in our District 7120 to bring a guest to one of your meetings this year and to follow that with an invitation to join.
Another opportunity to consider is attending another club’s meeting.  Each Rotary club is distinct, and we have much to learn from other clubs.  You are likely to learn something to bring back to your home club.  So, I also challenge every Rotarian to attend a meeting of another club once this year.
Finally, I ask your support for The Rotary Foundation, but not just with your financial contributions.  Half the money contributed from this District ultimately comes back home for community projects.  Yet only half of our 70 clubs take the easy steps to qualify for this District Grant money.  A club must average at least $25 per member in contributions to the foundation and also have 2 members (1 for small clubs) attend a training session.  Even if you don’t have a project in mind for this year, you can apply for scholarship money for one of your college-bound graduating seniors.  This will enhance your club’s image within the community.  I challenge every club in our district to qualify and apply for this district grant money.
I believe District 7120 is “The Premier District” in Rotary Zone 29, and I am proud to serve as your District Governor.  Accept these challenges to connect with the world, and take your Rotary experience to the next level.
Pam and I look forward to meeting with all of you during our club visits over the next few months!
Yours in Rotary Service,
DG Dave
Dave Hannan
Governor, Rotary International District 7120