Dear Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and Friends of Rotary,
                As I made my official club visits throughout our district in the first half of our Rotary year, I gave each club a financial incentive to be creative with an education and literacy initiative in their community, along with a request to each club president to report back to me by April 1 regarding the application of those funds.  I have begun to receive these reports, and I look forward to presenting this information at the District Conference in May.  (Newark Rotary’s District Conference Committee is planning a very informative and entertaining event.  Registration will open soon, and I will email you when that goes “live.”)
                The education and literacy initiative was put in perspective as I read the February issue of The Rotarian magazine.  The articles inform about  The Rotary Foundation’s Peace Building efforts in Rwanda over the past 25 years.  I encourage you to read those articles, but a key point is that education and literacy efforts cannot succeed without a peaceful environment.  We are indeed fortunate, despite our diverse opinions on so many cultural and political issues, that we live in a peaceful society where education and literacy can be promoted effectively. 
                Each Rotarian’s contributions, through club activities and The Rotary Foundation, are effective and efficient ways to promote peace and enhance literacy.  I encourage everyone to learn more about these opportunities at the following events:
  1. Multi-District President-Elect Training Seminar, March 13-14, for club Presidents-Elect and Assistant Governors;
  2. District Training Assembly, April 4, in Canandaigua, FOR ALL ROTARIANS;
  3. District Conference, May 1-3, in Niagara Falls, NY, FOR ALL ROTARIANS;
  4. Rotary International Convention, June 6-10, in Honolulu, HI, FOR ALL ROTARIANS.     
Your “Service Above Self” is not likely to involve travel to the war-torn areas of the world, but Rotary supports people who make those trips.  You can support these projects by contributing to the annual fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Be part of “Every Rotarian, Every Year,” “Sustaining Member,” or “Paul Harris Society,” as your means allow.  Your impact on Peace and Literacy will be greater than you can imagine.  Write your check today, to “The Rotary Foundation,” and give it to your club’s foundation chair or president.   
DG Dave Hannan