Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd this year.
As you can see, Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd this year.  Many of the clubs in our district will be participating in the Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup on Saturday, April 23rd, along with other service organizations, youth groups, church groups, and community members.  Remember – this event is  open to any watershed or areas in need of cleanup in your vicinity!  Let’s get out there and beautify our environment.  Make sure you wear your Rotary gear and take lots of pictures for your own clubs’ Facebook pages, and send them to anyone in the Governor track to post on the District Facebook page!  Make sure that you post your projects in under Rotary Club Central.  It’s how we all get credit for our service projects, and provides Rotary International a way to put value on our service.
April is also Maternal and Child Health Month (or Saving Mothers and Children) in the Rotary world.  I think it is very probable that there will be millions of mothers and children fleeing the Ukraine right now, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and if you want to help financially, all donations to the Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund will be sent to assist Ukraine through April 30.  Please consider making a donation this month.
And finally, at the end of this month is our RECONNECT District Conference in Oswego!  We are privileged to have Past Rotary International President Rick King as our President’s Rep and Keynote speaker on Saturday night at the Governor’s Ball!  There are lots of fun activities in the absolutely quaint and lovely village of Oswego.  If you haven’t been lately, you really need to come and play with us!  You don’t even have to stay overnight if you don’t want to – it’s close enough to drive back and forth for many of you.